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US Equestrian Clarification: Bib/Racing Martingale

Due to the recent surge in popularity in use of the bib/racing martingale, we felt that it was necessary to provide clarification to EV115.3.b. Saddlery - Cross Country and Jumping Test. 3. CROSS-COUNTRY TEST AND JUMPING TEST. a. The following are compulsory: an English type saddle and bridle or hackamore. Any form of blinkers are forbidden. b. Only unrestricted running martingales with rein stops or Irish martingales are allowed. Reins must be free of any loops or hand attachments and must be attached to the bit(s) or directly to the bridle. Exception: u-shaped bit converters may be used so that a bit designed for use with two reins may be controlled with a single rein. Gags or hackamores are allowed. In the interest of safety, the stirrup iron and stirrup leathers must hang free from the bar of the saddle and outside the flap. There must be no other restrictions or attachments of any kind. Providing that the bib/racing martingale is used with rein stops it is considered an unrestricted running martingale and is therefore legal to use.

Please see EV115 Saddlery for a complete list of accepted saddlery appropriate for use in National Competitions.

Questions? Please contact Shealagh Costello at scostello@usef.org

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