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A Message from the USEA Area VIII Chairman

We are all anxiously awaiting the day to return to a more normal daily routine and for many a return to horse shows; whether for employment, volunteerism, or participating with our horses.

Once we have gotten the "Return To Compete" clearance, the Area VIII Council will do all that it can to adjust qualifying requirements for the Area Championships to enable our members to participate, qualify and enjoy our sport.

For the shows that had to cancel or reschedule, the Area VIII Council will work with the USEF, USEA and the Area VIII Organizers to work out how get as many competitions back onto the calendar as reasonably possible


In the meantime be safe, be smart, stay healthy, take advantage of the extra time with your family, pets and horses.

Looking forward to a better, healthier future.

Wayne Quarles USEA Area VIII Chairman

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