Year End Awards


  1. Based on points earned by a single rider and horse combination and are based on USEA Year End Award rules. 

  2. Horse and Rider must be registered as a combination.

  3. Riders must be USEA Members and have declared Area VIII

  4. Horses must be registered in accordance with USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) regulations and must be registered with USEA (United States Eventing Association).

  5. Juniors and Young Riders must be qualified to compete as such under the definitions set down by the USEF and the USEA.

  6. Amateur Adults must be eligible to compete as such under the USEA rules listed in the USEF Eventing Rules, Appendix 3, 1.3 BN – Training and USEF GR1306 for Preliminary and above.

  7. Points earned out of Area will count.

  8. The Qualifying period is December 1st through November 30. 

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